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IDR 1,819,300.00
WYNE 2 17 17

Gino Mariani X Darius Sinathrya Collection
- Built For Wanderer-

The awaited collaboration just released. Find the new version of Wyne, Wyne 2 comes into 2 colors, black and dark brown. It's not just the fit, it's how you wear it. Wear wyne while the wheater is unexpeected like today. These waterproof boots use water-resistant features to keep your feet dry and comfortable. The classic good looks and sleek materials make the Wyne 2 a natural choice to wear to the office with dress pants or with casual pants when you're heading out to dinner.
- Waterproof Ankle Boots
- Scratch Free Leather For The Upper Part
- Comfort Insole for All Day Wear
- Premium Genuine Leather
- Front Tie Detail
- Size Zipper

Ukuran sepatu mengacu pada panjang outsole (telapak sol bagian terluar) sebagai berikut:
- 39 = 30.5 cm
- 40 = 31.0 cm
- 41 = 31.5 cm
- 42 = 32.0 cm
- 43 = 32.5 cm
- 44 = 33.0 cm
- 45 = 33.5 cm

Untuk dicatat, ukuran di atas bukan ukuran panjang kaki Anda. Ukuran di atas adalah ukuran panjang outsole (telapak sol bagian terluar). Anda disarankan untuk mengukur panjang outsole sepatu atau sandal lama Anda yang sejenis